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Risk Transformer

Theme Details In the rapid changing business environment, not only does technological advancement in various sectors bring about convenience and quality improvement, but also emerging risks to business owners with a stable business model.  However, in every crisis, there is often an opportunity. With suitable

Build a Smart City

Theme Detail A smart city makes good use of information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. Sustainability is a main focus when it comes to smart cities. Social,

Go Beyond Data

Theme Detail Utilising the concept of Data & Analytics to create a profitable business plan....... ‘Big data’ is a hot topic. Thanks to technology and an increase in online activities, companies today can easily collect massive amounts of data about their businesses, customers or clients.

The Digital Entrepreneur

Theme Detail Society needs innovative solutions to keep up with its fast-paced development....... In the past, people might have found it difficult to run their own business due to limitations in capital, skills and knowledge. A company would have often required a physical presence /

The Trend Forward

Theme Detail This can be explained by the idea that not only should the participants match the current lifestyle, they also need to think a step forward and make their idea as well as business sustainable for the foreseeable future. A successful business should be

The Market In-Between

Theme Detail Throughout the years, what has motivated entrepreneurs to innovate? Where do they get their ideas from? Even though many products and services are already available on the market, many entrepreneurs are still able to attract new customers by selling products and services that

The Business Matchmaker

Theme Detail Alliances have become an integral part of contemporary strategic thinking." This adage holds more truth than we are willing to admit when it comes to the concept of joint ventures. With increased competition due to globalization and the expansion of economy, joint ventures

Angles of Venture

Theme Detail The theme is to question the common assumption that a business idea is either good or bad. We expect to challenge participants' ability to turn a seemingly ridiculous and impossible idea into a cash cow by viewing the idea from different angles. Participants

Tomorrow’s Avant-Garde

Theme Detail The best technologies, systems, or even things that we have been taken for granted in society are basically consequences of the demand for improvements in various aspects. With the world's rapidly expanding economy and ever-changing human demand, every single industry inevitably would have

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