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Theme 2021

Tech Imagineer

Theme Details

With COVID disruption and constant technological advancement across the business sectors, businesses should put forth creative yet sensible ideas in order to maintain their competitive edge in the market.


Submission Guidelines:

Participants are required to select ONE of the two streams: i) own start-up idea ii) existing company, then propose a technology-incorporated product or service suitable for the chosen business in their stream. Business in any industry is acceptable. A problem in the existing market or business should be addressed first. Regardless of the stream selected, the market, business model, risk, impact on the business, customers, or other aspects, are suggested to be analysed.


Technology example:

AI / Blockchain / Cloud technology / Big Data (ABCD)
Online-offline omni-channel integration


Proposals will be examined from the following aspects:

Originality and Creativity (30%)
Feasibility (30%)
Relevance (20%)
Data Analysis (15%)
Format, Language & Structure (5%)

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