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Apply (Global Entry)

You are applying:

The details of global application of Business Administration Paper 2018:
1. All teams should apply by completing the registration form.
2. Team leader shall gather all team members’ information.
3. Each team shall submit one application only by team leader and send it back to us by email at [email protected].
4. You will receive an acknowledgement of application through email within three working days.

About BA Paper 2018

Business Administration Paper welcomes innovative business ideas on the year’s theme – Build A Smart City.

KPMG BA Paper 2018 consists of 3 stages of competition, namely, the First Round, Semi-Final (including the Promotion Challenge) and the Grand Final.

For Local Entry, please refer all rules & guidelines here.

Team Format (Global)

  • Full-time undergraduates from all disciplines, with AT LEAST 1 full-time business undergraduates.
  • Each team should consist of 2 to 4 members from ANY foreign universities.

General Requirements

  • All submission shall be uploaded through email at [email protected] by team leader.
  • Late submission of any required materials will be assumed by HKFBS as withdrawal from the competition.

– Teams that fail to commit to the above requirements may be DISQUALIFIED.

First Round

1.   5-page Executive Summary according to the theme

Specifications of the Executive Summary:

  • Internal Assessment: The length of the Executive Summary should NOT EXCEED 5 A4-sized pages.
  • The Executive Summary should be submitted in softcopy in .pdf format and named with your team number (e.g. Team_100.pdf)
  • Times New Roman with font size 12pt and 1.5 lined spacing are required.
  • 1 inch margins is required.
  • ONLY team number is to be placed on the cover page for identification. Names of participants and universities should NOT appear in the Executive Summary.
2.   Promotion Challenge

Participants are required to submit a poster to promote the ideas illustrated in the executive summary. The work will be posted on Facebook. Top 3 teams with most “likes” will be given a maximum HKD 500 on 1 like = $1 basis.

Specifications of the Poster Submission:

  • Format: JPEG
  • Language: English

– Teams which fail to submit materials for Promotion Challenge on time will risk mark deduction.
– The evaluation of Executive Summary is the sole criterion for advancement.


  • 5 foreign Semi-Finalist Teams will be required to submit a 15-page detailed written report with full details of the business included, for example: financials, marketing plan, market analysis, etc.
  • The written report shall be accompanied with a video oral presentation for the Evaluation Committee.
  • Semi-Finalists are required to pitch the judging panel regarding the essence of their business plans within 6 minutes, followed by a 10 minutes Q&A session.

Grand Final

  • 1 foreign team is expected to submit a 20-page comprehensive proposal.
  • They are also required to do an oral presentation to pitch the full panel of judges (Academic and Business Evaluation Committees) in the Grand Final.

– Transportation (air tickets/train tickets) and Accommodation in Hong Kong will be sponsored by KPMG.

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