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Unleash your imagination: KPMG Business Administration Paper 2018 challenges students to envision the future with smart technologies

Published on Saturday, 18 May 2019

By challenging student to “Build a Smart City”, with new technologies to connect and integrate the systems and services of the city, KPMG Business Administration Paper 2018 brought forth people-centred and technological solutions to improve city management and residents’…

The annual KPMG Business Administration Paper this year gave students the challenge of harnessing data to create business plans

Published on Saturday, 24 Mar 2018

Aiming to unleash creativity and business acumen of business undergraduates in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Federation of Business Students (HKFBS), the largest student-led business organisation in Hong Kong, which currently serves more than 15,000 members, organises the annual KPMG Business Administration Paper…

Bursting with creativity: KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016/17 finalists showed off their digital dynamism

Published on Saturday, 18 Feb 2017

By challenging student participants to think like “The Digital Entrepreneur” and come up with business models that take advantage of the latest technology, the KPMG Business Administration Paper 2016/17 elicited a wide variety of imaginative, yet practical, digital ideas with the potential to become real businesses…

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