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Theme 2017

Go Beyond Data

Theme Detail

Utilising the concept of Data & Analytics to create a profitable business plan…….

‘Big data’ is a hot topic. Thanks to technology and an increase in online activities, companies today can easily collect massive amounts of data about their businesses, customers or clients. It is more than just data and information, Data & Analytics can turn these numbers into meaningful insight which has the power to create values and solutions that can solve business problems, manage costs, minimise risks and enable growth.

Participants are required to create an innovative and detailed business plan for a start-up that could make an impact on society today – how would you use data from both your business and the market to make it more sustainable and profitable? Do you see any opportunities or potential in the market? The business plan should include a detailed outline of your strategy and implementation plan. Reasonable and detailed explanations should be provided around how you intend to utilise the D&A concept in order to improve company growth, customer loyalty, profit margins and risk control.

Proposals will be examined from the following aspects:

  • Originality and creativity
  • Feasibility
  • Effectiveness
  • Profitability
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