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Theme 2011

Tomorrow’S Avant-Garde

Theme Detail

The best technologies, systems, or even things that we have been taken for granted in society are basically consequences of the demand for improvements in various aspects. With the world’s rapidly expanding economy and ever-changing human demand, every single industry inevitably would have to face various difficulties in the near future. Spotting these difficulties could be hard but crucial for the sustainable growth and development of the business.

Assume you are group of Business Consultants; you have to choose one specific industry or business and either (i) make conjectures (based on some brief evidence) or (ii) identify any existing difficulties, which is in your opinion, not possibly solved in the near future and come up with possible business solutions to tackle the problem(s).

  • Difficulties in a specific industry or business that may arise in the coming years should be foreseen (or existing difficulties being identified). Any industries are acceptable, e.g. banking, finance, telecommunication, investing, mass media, transportation, etc., that may arise in the coming years or identify any existing difficulties.
  • A sustainable business solution(s) and innovative business model(s) to solve the problems stated and generate a sustainable profit.


A brief outline of example:

  • Problems: inefficient rigid shift scheduling, poor management
  • Solution: replacing traditional scheduling with dynamic shifts that adjust to align numbers of workers available with the demand for their services by fully automatic cloud-based solution
  • Achievement: workforce optimization, significant savings
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