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Creating Business Opportunities With Mobile 2.0

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As the world is moving to an electronic-based epoch, web applications have taken up a significant position in our lives. They have evolved from one-way information feed to two-way flow of information – now generally known as Web 2.0 applications. Not only can users be passive readers retrieving information, but also “prosumers” – contributing information via the Internet. Facebook, Youtube and blogging are common daily life examples of Web 2.0 application.

Meanwhile, the surge of 3G network developments and the invention of mobile devices such as smartphones have marked a new era for telecommunication industry, with the evolution of Web 2.0 applications to Mobile 2.0 applications. Mobile devices can gain access to the internet as long as network coverage is available, where users can enjoy a myriad of Mobile 2.0 applications, such as email reader, social networking services, or e-newspaper. With the increasing popularity of such applications/platforms, business opportunities emerge.

In this competition, participants play their roles as corporate consultants, proposing a feasible and comprehensive business plan with Mobile 2.0 applications – integration of Web 2.0 applications and wireless devices on mobile data services. Their plans could be a brand new venture, or an extension of currently existing business of a mobile operator. It is expected that by adopting the proposed approach, the business could achieve progressive growth, such as in sustaining profitability, growing public exposure and thus capturing more market shares.

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